Case Studies

This is a 9 y MN Lab Ret. that presented for abdominal distension and a palpable abdominal mass.  Abdominal ultrasound revealed a cavitated splenic mass.  Fine needle aspiration of this mass was consistent with hemangiosarcoma.  The patient had a Grade 2 heart murmur.

A 6 y FS Min Schnauzer presented for abdominal pain and elevated liver enzymes.  Abdominal ultrasound revealed the gallbladder to be moderately dilated with a mucocele. The galbbladder was successfully removed and the patient’s clinical signs and laboratory changes resolved.

A 12 y FS Shih Tzu presented for evaluation of a grade 4 heart murmur and coughing.  An echocardiogram revealed a regurgitant lesion at the mitral vale. The mitral valve leaflets were thickened indicating endocardiosis. The left atrium was moderately dilated. Radiographic pulmonary changes were consistent with cardiogenic edema.











What Our Clients Say…

"I have been using Dr. Tidwell’s radiology consult service for over 3 years. I couldn’t be more satisfied. The consults are fast and his vast knowledge and expertise makes me feel at ease. If I have any questions, I can call him for clarification. I send every radiograph I take for consultation so that I am never in doubt and I don’t miss any lesions. My clients appreciate that I care so much that I use a board certified radiologist to review the radiographs. Using Dr. Tidwell’s radiology consult service is like having a radiologist on staff." — Gary Zinderman, DVM
We here at Brawley Animal Hospital are so happy to have Dr. Scott Tidwell in our area! Not only does it increase revenue for our business by allowing us to do procedures we would otherwise have to refer out, it also helps us diagnose and treat our own patients using a higher level of medicine. It is much more convenient for our clients to get these procedures done at our hospital rather than having to be referred to a different hospital with different doctors. Dr. Scott Tidwell not only has helped us diagnose many diseases we wouldn’t have been able to without his service, he also is a great person to work with!! We highly recommend him!! -Dr. Angie Finkes & Dr. Summer Shivers — Brawley Animal Hospital-Mooresville, NC

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